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Inspired by the way a gentle breeze can turn into a roaring storm, we help brands create meaningful momentum through visual and digital storytelling. From branding and web design to photo and video production, we start with an idea and take it to the next level. We can help tell your story, sell your product or create an experience.


No matter which direction you blew in from, we are excited to design you a storm of meaning and impact for your brand.


El Nina Design is a Story-led Branding & Production Agency, based out of Golden, BC, Canada.

The team is obsessed with living the mountain life, exploring, challenging and surprising themselves daily. With this passion comes the commitment to share stories, engage in conversations, ask questions, work out solutions and take the client and their clients on heartfelt journeys through video & photography.

When this passion is applied to key marketing messages, the content El Nina creates is authentic, effective and suitable for long and short form media.

A light breeze is as easy as an introduction. We’d love to hear from you.

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Pika Layers Brand Film

Used for winter campaign

Altitude Sports and Brand Story

Brand film and photography

Skiing Mount 7 in Golden BC

Adventure film made in Golden, BC

Golden Has Heart(s)

Community film made in Golden, BC


Corporate Design

for a bike shop from logo till photos

Website Design

with online ordering for a flower shop

Online Directory

user friendly way to find a sports club

Full Branding

from naming to website

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