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Inspired by the way a gentle breeze can turn into a roaring storm, we help brands create meaningful momentum through visual and digital storytelling. From branding and web design to photo and video production, we start with an idea and take it to the next level. We can help tell your story, sell your product or create an experience.


No matter which direction you blew in from, we are excited to design you a storm of meaning and impact for your brand.

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Elora and Annina


Flow is in our foundation … literally. We met at a yoga class in 2016 and were immediately aligned by our creative passions and our love for adventure. We see branding and content as an adventure too.

EL NINA is a breeze that crosses oceans. We are based both in small mountain towns, one in Golden, BC, Canada and the other in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. We like to think of our small agency as a 24/7 business because at any given moment, one of us is on task. Because of this, a global perspective is put into all of our work.

A light breeze is as easy as an introduction. We’d love to hear from you.

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Pika Layers Brand Film

Used for winter campaign

Altitude Sports and Brand Story

Brand film and photography

Skiing Mount 7 in Golden BC

Adventure film made in Golden, BC

Golden Has Heart(s)

Community film made in Golden, BC


Corporate Design

for a bike shop from logo till photos

Website Design

with online ordering for a flower shop

Online Directory

user friendly way to find a sports club

Full Branding

from naming to website

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Hi, I’m Elora.
Storytelling is my passion from growing up in Canada’s north (Yellowknife) where stories were always being shared through music, writing and speaking. After working in Film/TV and Radio Production, I picked up my first camera in 2015 and the rest is history.

I use visuals as my voice for storytelling, and my work in the commercial and marketing industries allows me to create the message or story needing to be told. I love capturing intentional content and helping my clients understand the best ways to implement that content.

My home in Golden, BC is the best place for work/life balance, and I’m often creating photos and films with the adventures I have in my backyard.

Hi, I’m Annina.
As a Designer, there is always an exciting challenge to solve so there is never a boring day.
Born and raised in Switzerland, my heart lives in Canada. I love mountains, especially the snowy once. Nature is my inspiration and also the best way to clear my head. I love to explore new places and (design) technologies.

I worked in several agencies in Switzerland and Germany before becoming self employed. Since 2015 I enjoy the direct contact to my clients. This connection is seeable in my work as it got more focused combined with meaningful details as I could put all of the products/brands soul into the visual work.
I have a Bachelor in Visual Communication, a CAS in advertising writing and a CAS in design technologies.