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We are driven
who create
for brands.

El Nina Design is a Story-led Media Production & Branding Agency, situated in the Canadian Rockies.

No matter which direction you blew in from, we will create a storm of meaning and impact for your brand.


A brand story with Altitude Sports and The North Face about slowing down, reconnecting and honoring the earth with conscious touring to highlight The North Face Fall Winter 2022 skiing and sustainable collection.


Brand Photography, Mini Documentary


A pair of creative individuals.
A world apart,
but together
create a breeze
of creativity that crosses oceans from peak to peak.


The winds of change start with a light breeze. An idea is nothing until someone makes it a reality.

At El Nina, we take your idea, craft its story and ensure it inspires action.

We tell your story and create change through filmmaking, photography, branding and marketing. Our team blew in from all corners of the earth to work together – we love what we do.

Our name comes from the famous weather patterns that are an indicator of global change.

A light breeze is as easy as an introduction.
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